The Kismet Jardin Story

There was a time when Beauty and Nature reigned supreme, and the natural world was filled with the fragrances of flowers, plants, leaves, lush forests, clean oceans and flowing rivers. It was a time when Nature and Humankind sang together, and the senses were attuned to the full experience and enjoyment of life.

Then, there came a time of remembering and wishing, a yearning that the earth would return to its original state – a Paradise, where the scent and treasures of nature last forever.

Then the Industrial Revolution opened Pandora’s Box of chemicals, of odors and compounds artificially concocted and manufactured. A net of deception was cast over the earth and its inhabitants by a complex web spun by the stench of chemicals, which contaminated our pure life-breath and polluted our world. Toxic chemicals weakened us, laid us low and even killed our Joie de Vivre. We came to rely on synthetic toxic chemicals as our allies in our compromised way of life. Deception and its tentacles grew stronger; we almost lost the ability to discern, and started to treat the products saturated with harmful synthetic chemicals as long lost loves.

Our bodies and mother nature wept….slowly, slowly we awoke to a yearning, a lingering flame in the soul for the beauty of the past- the lost paradise, to find a better way and eager to remove the heavy yoke of toxic chemicals from our own bodies.

Then fate played a hand and gifted us with Kismet Jardin, literally a Garden of Destiny, a melding of two worlds, East and West that found a way to take us back to the days when natural aromatics were confined to the mystical art of apothecary and where extracts of herbs, plants, spices and flowers would unite to bestow the powers of healing and natural beauty.

Now Kismet Jardin has returned the world to a time, before toxic synthetic chemicals were our daily companions, and has created a range of skincare and perfumes that are as unforgettable as they are pure.
Kismet Jardin has changed the world and transformed it into a realm of beauty & delight. Discover this new world, and transport yourself to a bygone era, we once only dreamt of. Kismet Jardin; yes, it’s Destiny!

Our Vision: To fulfil consumers’ wishes, needs and dreams in cosmetics and perfumery with natural & innovative products today, and in the future. Be recognized as the best natural perfumery and cosmetic company.

Our Purpose: We will provide safe, natural, effective and aesthetically pleasing products of superior quality.

Our Values: We will always endeavour to do the right thing and act with complete integrity. We will be honest and straight forward in our approach and in dealings.

Made with pure, precious, rare & natural ingredients in Australia.