Key People

Peta Ann Jain

Peta-Ann is an accomplished artist and perfume designer. She is style and image director for the Kismet Jardin group of brands. Whether developing new packaging, creating artwork or blending a complex perfume formulation, Peta-Ann artistically combines treasures from both the East and West. Her perfume compositions are unique and natural.


Professor Peter Howe

Peter is Professor of Nutrition Research in the School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He is also Director of the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre, a new cross institutional research collaboration based. He has an extensive track record of multidisciplinary preclinical and clinical research in bioactive nutrients, cardiovascular physiology and neuroscience. Peter advises on strategic scientific developments for Kismet Jardin.

Angelique Boileau

Angelique is passionate about corporate social responsibility, and advises on business development at Kismet Jardin. Angelique is also Managing director at Boileau Business Solutions, one of the top 100 companies in South Australia. Angelique loves animals and is a proud supporter and major sponsor of Adelaide Zoo.