Our Extraction Process


Extraction is the vital step in the preparations of botanical and herbal active ingredients. There are a number of factors, which contribute to the strengths and weakness of herbal extracts.

Proper solvents and techniques must be used to ensure that potential active constituents are not lost, distorted or destroyed during the preparation of an extract from plants, herbs and flowers.

The efficiencies of conventional (alcohol based) and non-conventional extraction methods mostly depend on understanding the sensitivities of plant matrix, chemistry of bioactive compounds and process.

The selection of the solvent system largely depends on the particular character of the bioactive compound being targeted. Kismet Jardin’s solvent system is highly efficient to extract the bioactive compounds from natural products, without the use of alcohol (ethanol).

Topically applied alcohol (ethanol) can cause irreversible damage to the skin. That is why we have developed alcohol-free extraction process. Also, alcohol based extracts often result in less beneficial results in skincare products due to the fact that repeated use of alcohol in skin care products can remove the  hydrolipidic barrier – the protective layer of the skin, exposing it to the environmental aggression.

Our solvent system and process are efficient in extracting skin-friendly polysaccharides, lipids, amino acids, polyphenols, catechins, isoflavonoids and alkaloids from plant materials.

Our Extraction Process Ensures Best Quality Botanical Extracts, Which Visibly Improve Your Skin’s Health.