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Eau de Parfum 60ml

Empereiz is inspired by the story of an empress in the 12th century, who once was walking in her royal garden, through which ran a canal of fragrant-water; the empress noticed some fragrant oily particles floating on the surface. These were collected, and their aroma found to be so exotic, youthful, fresh and soothing that the empress asked the royal perfumers to devise the means to produce this precious fragrance.

Now, Kismet Jardin revives the joys of eternal-spring by carefully selecting, extracting and preserving the sweet and evanescent aromas of treasures of nature – which constitutes an ever beautiful ‘Empereiz’.

Pure Rose oil, Agarwood, Neroli (Orange Blossom), Ylang Ylang.


Sweet, Woody, Floral and Spicy aromas are treasured up in their prime by the mysterious art of perfumery, thus ‘Empereiz’ gives its fresh and uplifting life. An indescribable feeling invades the whole being; nature awakes from her long slumber and shakes off the trammels of self-forgetfulness, at that delightful moment the richest and rarest fragrance ‘Empress’ fills the atmosphere. The children of eternal-spring open and reveal one by one their bright and uplifting aromatic treasures and the soul is immersed in sweet rapture.

Characteristics: Woody-Oriental-Floral Fresh

Top Note: Soothing & Balmy Fragrance of the Luxuriant Garden – Rose & Orange Blossom

Middle Note: The Flowery Meadow – Ylang Ylang & Geranium

Base Note: The Lush Forest - Agarwood

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